Unofficial Dart implementation of Deutsche Bahn’s construction site API
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Unofficial Dart implementation of Deutsche Bahn's construction site API. This library is not affiliated with Deutsche Bahn (DB). Please note that the API might change in the future making this library incompatible.


Add db_construction_site to your pubspec.yaml:

  db_construction_site: ^0.0.1-dev

Import the package package:db_construction_site/db_construction_site.dart and initiate a new instance of DBConstructionSite you can pass another base url as a named constructor parameter if you'd like to.

import 'package:db_construction_site/db_construction_site.dart';

final constructionSite = DBConstructionSite();


import 'package:db_construction_site/db_construction_site.dart';

final constructionSite = DBConstructionSite(baseUrl: "https://your-new-base-url");