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Jonas Franz ca3dee7248
Add drone support 6 years ago
Jonas Franz 5dc2f523f3
Refactore drone-plugins to JonasFranzDEV 6 years ago
Thomas Boerger 56a5d640b0
Restructuring of build process 7 years ago
Brad Rydzewski 609d735671 Update .drone.yml [ci skip] 7 years ago
Thomas Boerger c097b9bbfa
Migrated to 0.5 structure and updated documentation 8 years ago
Thomas Boerger d60ed19853 Unification: Drone config, Makefile, structure and badges 9 years ago
jackspirou 0922e8ea4c updating documentation for checksum usage 9 years ago
jackspirou e79e7f293b adding checksum options 9 years ago
Thomas Boerger a7c989263e Added makefile, updated docs 9 years ago
Brad Rydzewski c2744ecb79 added auto build 9 years ago
Brad Rydzewski 15bdeec81e setup automated builds 9 years ago
Thomas Boerger 70ca6255f4 Implemented initial version based on google/go-github 9 years ago