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  jnweiger d22c74c735 allow explicit GITHUB_USER and GITHUB_PASS 1 year ago
  Jonas Franz afd81459b9
Fix release builds 1 year ago
  Jonas Franz f92784c0b6 Add title and note to releases (#20) 1 year ago
  Jonas Franz 82ea2d47b7 Fetch user if no --owner is given (#17) 1 year ago
  Jonas Franz 9a306fb468 Add tests (#5) 1 year ago
  Jonas Franz 4e61d1ca09
Fix drone build number/version 1 year ago
  Jonas Franz 509abf5a7f Add support for S3 distribution (#15) 1 year ago
  Jonas Franz b221b6d9df Add docker badge (#12) 1 year ago
  Jonas Franz cecaa2f250 Limit drone docker build to master branch (#13) 1 year ago
  techknowlogick d6c089a561 Remove example comments from Gopkg (#11) 1 year ago
  techknowlogick f05c383db2 Add dockerfile (#7) 1 year ago
  Jonas Franz 92b6438b55 Add badge for latest release (#8) 1 year ago
  techknowlogick bd8403e70b Makefile (#4) 1 year ago
  Jonas Franz 5c5fdafd25 Improve static releases by using gox (#2) 1 year ago
  Konrad Langenberg 0f96757b05 Fixed typos in readme (#1) 1 year ago
  Jonas Franz 0a39a189cf
fix drone 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz 87de9fc875
Add drone test 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz c68048a672
Fixing .drone 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz 1ed857e589
Add build badge 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz 243835360b
Fixing .drone 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz de82d8aadd
Fixing .drone 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz 2916783bea
Add version to command 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz 3abbd59b36
Add .drone.yml 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz 4efdc3b53b
Add migrate-all 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz b75c3bbb2c
Fix unused import 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz 382a788a42
Add migration for repos, issues, labels, milestones and comments 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz 8ae08539ef Initial commit 2 years ago